Sleep better with sonoro

16 March 2018

Since 2008, World Sleep Day has taken place every third Friday in March. Why is good sleep so important? More than 23 million people in Germany suffer from sleep disorders.

Why is healthy sleep so important?

Body and mind recover during sleep: During the nightly regeneration phase, the cells renew themselves, the metabolism and the immune system regulate themselves and the brain processes all the information of the day. There are 3 phases of sleep: Light sleep, deep sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases. Whether we feel refreshed in the morning or like we are tired is usually determined by which phase and how we wake up. If we are awakened in the deep sleep phase, we feel tired and exhausted, even if we have had enough sleep. If we wake up within the REM phase, we feel refreshed, even with fewer hours of sleep. A complete cycle, going through all phases, lasts 90 minutes on average.

Exciting facts about sleep

Germans sleep around 6 hours and 59 minutes nightly and even a whole 24 years and 4 months in their lives. The average German goes to bed before 11 pm and gets up again before 7 am. Athletes or people who are watching their figure should also allow enough space for sleep. Because we consume about 66 calories per hour during our night's rest. Our dreams last 5 to 40 minutes. 15 minutes is considered a normal time to fall asleep, but if you regularly need more than 45 minutes, you run the risk of suffering from insomnia. Unfortunately, counting sheep does not help you fall asleep, because counting keeps the brain active and less inclined to fall asleep.

Restful sleep with sonoro

At sonoro, the focus is on people and their needs, and that includes healthy sleep. But how do you find a restful night's sleep? The audio systems from sonoro offer you pure relaxation, such as RELAX. Pre-installed relaxation and meditation content helps you to calm down and serves as an aid to falling asleep. Pleasant lighting conditions have an additional calming effect. At sonoro, we solve this in two ways: Everyone knows the situation when they wake up at night and want to know the time. To avoid dazzling the eyes, all our music systems have an automatically dimmable display that adapts to the lighting conditions. In addition, we have developed an innovative light control, which not only provides an atmospheric ambience in the room, but can actively support your sleep and wake rhythm - especially in case of sleep disorders and lack of sleep in the dark winter time:

Fall asleep relaxed, wake up relaxed

When falling asleep and waking up, we want to create optimal conditions. The sonoro LIGHT light control in combination with the QUBO or LOUNGE audio systems, serves as atmospheric ambient light and prepares your body for falling asleep. Via the sleep mode, light and relax content slowly decrease. Body and mind come to rest. In sunrise simulation, light intensity and selected sound slowly increase at the set wake-up time, promoting wake-up by stimulating the release of the "wakefulness hormone" cortisol and suppressing the formation of the "night hormone" melatonin. Supplemented by nature sounds such as birdsong, a pleasant start to the day is achieved.

Simply select your lighting medium for the LIGHT dimmer module. Whether bedside or floor lamp - once wirelessly connected to your music system, LIGHT can be operated via the music system or conveniently via the remote control of your QUBO or LOUNGE music system and can also be used comfortably as a night and mood light.