All about Smart Home

A Smart Home system allows you to intelligently network various components within a home, which can be controlled centrally via switches, touch panels, voice control or your mobile device. The added value lies in the intelligent interaction of devices, cross-product operation and energy management.
For example, you can dim the lights, move the shutters and listen to your favorite music at the same time at the touch of a button. Combined with these so-called "scenes", your music can be easily integrated into your Smart Home system at the touch of a button. Stream and control the MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) and the MAESTRO Quantum , no matter which room you are in. The latest generation of the sonoro product world enriches your Smart Home with impressive sound and also blends into your home in style as a genuine design system.

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Experience sonoro with Smart Home

The providers and integration options of Smart Home solutions are as diverse as the playback options of our audio systems. From long-term and large-scale projects, e.g. when building a house, to solutions that can be installed and customized by yourself. The new product generation from sonoro is compatible with numerous providers, depending on your personal possibilities and ideas. If you would like comprehensive advice, you can find HERE a personal sonoro Smart Home partner near you.

Sophisticated solutions and strong partners - The Smart Home enablers


Busch-free@home® - The smart end customer solution

Busch-free@home® The smart home control from Busch-Jaeger is suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation or modernization projects. With the Busch-free@home® system, a wide variety of functions can be controlled throughout the home - from lighting and blind management to heating and climate control. Individual functions can not only be switched on and off, but also added to scenes or automations. They can be controlled conventionally using switches or smart control panels, or conveniently via an app on a smartphone or tablet. And thanks to the integration of voice assistants such as Alexa, the Smart Home can be controlled by voice command. The Busch-free@home® system from Busch-Jaeger is getting smarter and smarter, because Busch-Jaeger works together with many strong partners. In this way, a wide variety of applications can be integrated - from lighting to music systems such as those from sonoro to robotic vacuum cleaners.

Further information is available HERE.

KNX - 500 manufacturers, one standard

The communication standard that makes products from over 500 manufacturers worldwide compatible with each other. From A for audio system to Z for central heating, the Smart Home products of all well-known manufacturers can be linked together. KNX enables a closed bus system that is not dependent on an internet connection. You therefore decide for yourself whether your home control system should be connected to the Internet. The Smart Home capable sonoro products can be integrated directly into your KNX system. As an interface to your KNX system, we offer our ISE KNX Connect sonoro* or Gira X1 logic module. This is available from your sonoro smart home specialist dealer and from selected electrical installers.

Further information is available at or at

*Due to its complexity, programming should be carried out by a specialist company. Installation may only be carried out by a master electrician.

Gira X1 - small Smart Home server, high performance

The Smart Home control system from Gira is based on the KNX communication standard and allows you to exploit the full potential of your KNX installation. All the Smart Home devices and functions available in your home are optimally linked and easy to operate. Thanks to Gira X1, you can fully adapt your home technology to your individual needs. To ensure that this also applies to your sonoro audio system, we have developed a special logic module* for the Gira X1 that makes integration and control uncomplicated. You can obtain the sonoro logic module HERE.
*Due to its complexity, programming should be carried out by a specialist company.

Further information is available HERE.

Google Home

Google. The company, which has become synonymous with search engines and a wide range of internet services, has been offering a successful and simple control solution for various devices for many years with Google Home. Our MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen. 2) and the MAESTRO Quantum can also be controlled via Google's own solution.

Further information is available HERE.

sonoro ease of use - smart and simple

The following control elements enable you to control* the sonoro music systems with ISE KNX Conncet sonoro, the GIRA X1 and Busch-free@home
  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Voice control (additional devices required)
  • Wall touch panel
  • Push-button (light switch)
  • Motion detector
  • Automated (per time setting)
  • Optionally directly on the device
  • With the sonoro remote control

The following control is possible*

  • Music source selection (CD, radio, streaming, etc.)
  • Start, stop, pause
  • Title navigation (forward / back)
  • Repeat and shuffle functions
  • Volume control
  • Mute
  • Switching the music system on/off
  • Retrieve up to 99 favorites with navigation (forward / back)
  • Creation and retrieval of scenes, e.g. via the smart light switch
Via Busch-free@home, ISE KNX Conncet sonoro and GIRA X1 you also receive the following metadata:
  • Cover illustration**
  • Title
  • Performer
  • Volume status
  • Source status
  • Time status (how long a title has been running)
  • Repeat and shuffle status
  • Power status
  • Favorite name / Overview
*Limited possibilities with Google Home ** Not possible with the ISE KNX Connect sonoro