These were the sonoro relaunch events!

November 2023

At the beginning of the month, we reached an important milestone in our work over the last few years with our new products MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2), MAESTRO Quantum and the complete overhaul of our brand, which we were finally able to present. An achievement that the entire sonoro team is extremely proud of.

The initial reactions to the images and lists of the technical features of our new products were consistently positive, which we were pleased about, but not enough. The real test of whether we have created something special with our work is another: do our new devices create true listening moments - moments in which the listener is completely immersed in the music and is inspired?

Because even though the MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen. 2) and the MAESTRO Quantum look fantastic thanks to our love of design (in our opinion), pictures and technical data can only tell half the story. We all know: Audio has to be heard and experienced in all its facets.

We took up the challenge and traveled all over Germany to present our new products and brand image to retailers, media representatives and partners in person. In Neuss, Hamburg and Munich, we welcomed numerous interested guests who listened intently to the team around sonoro founder and CEO Marcell Faller as they talked about the new MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen. 2), the MAESTRO Quantum and our passion for music and design.

What can we say? It was worth it. Even hardened audio professionals were impressed by the sound of our new audio systems and by the materials and workmanship.

We would like to thank you for the many inspiring discussions, the incredibly positive, constructive feedback and three eventful, wonderful days! Here are a few more impressions of the individual events.

sonoro in Hamburg: The premiere

sonoro in Neuss: The home game

sonoro in Munich: The finale