This is how the MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) and the MEISTERSTÜCK

December 2023

How do the new MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) and the old MEISTERSTÜCK differ? What are the new functions of the new sonoro MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2)? We and our dealers are asked this question time and again. And understandably so. After all, we have not only given our MEISTERSTÜCK an elegant new design, but have also equipped it with numerous new features. Let's take a look together at what the new MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen. 2) has to offer compared to the first version, taking the audio experience to a new level.

A sound that sets new standards

We have fundamentally reworked the digital sound processor (DSP) to get the most out of the built-in audio drivers. The MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) thus creates an improved 3D sound as well as an incomparable, perfectly balanced and powerful sound that is unparalleled in its class. The optional Dynamic Bass function contributes to this, guaranteeing optimized bass reproduction even at low volumes. The room correction app, which was previously reserved for our MAESTRO minimizes disturbing room modes and ensures unadulterated listening pleasure in every room.

An eye-catcher in any room: the new design

Our new MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) not only impresses with its sound quality, but also with its breathtaking appearance. Because as an important part of the interior, the appearance of an audio system is anything but secondary. Quite the opposite. If you want to lose yourself completely in your favorite music, you should be able to present your music system with pride. Inspired by the design principles of the timeless classics of German product design, the MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen. 2) with its iconic foreign language will quickly become the focal point of any room.

We have remained true to our wooden body with a lacquer finish, but the new 3mm aluminum front looks as if it is floating in the wooden housing thanks to the integrated shadow gap. The special design of the speaker mesh is immediately striking: an iconic design that sets the style for sonoro products is created by a precise laser cut, which takes approx. 45 minutes per aluminum front in the production process - here we also live up to our quality standards in terms of workmanship.

User-friendliness that inspires

The operation of our new audio system is more intuitive than ever before. We have arranged the controls on the product itself even more clearly . The larger 4-inch display (formerly 2.8 inches) with improved contrast enables an even clearer display of all functions in the new optimized user interface. The new in-house sonoro audio app offers simple control via your smartphone, while the completely redesigned remote control promises a haptic experience in a class of its own and follows familiar and learned operating logic with the built-in control pad.

Versatile features for almost all requirements

Our new audio system offers a variety of new connectivity options, including HDMI (eARC), USB-A, USB-C and a coaxial input. With Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast built-in, you can stream your music seamlessly, while the integration of TIDAL Connect provides additional easy access to an infinite world of musical variety. The MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) is also Smart Home Ready and integrates seamlessly into your networked home via Busch-free@home, KNX or Gira X1.

So we took a very close look at our absolute bestseller, the first-generation MEISTERSTÜCK , and improved, expanded and upgraded it in many areas, bringing the MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen. 2) onto the market with a justified claim to be the reference in its class.