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May 2024

A look back at the High End 2024 in Munich

Last week, we had the pleasure of exhibiting at High End 2024 in Munich - an event that brings together music lovers from all over the world. And what can we say? It was fantastic. We were able to have many exciting conversations and discussions with other participants and visitors. High End once again provided audiophiles and industry experts with a platform to exchange

February 2024

Digital-to-analog converter - you can't do without it, but what is it?

Every laptop/PC has one, every smartphone has one anyway. Without a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), modern music playback is simply not possible. But DACs have not only been needed since the triumph of Spotify and co. In order to be able to play back the content stored on a CD, the help of these small (or sometimes large) audio marvels was also needed "back in the day". Because headphones and

December 2023

This is how the MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) and the MEISTERSTÜCK

How do the new MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) and the old MEISTERSTÜCK differ? What are the new functions of the new sonoro MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2)? We and our dealers are asked this question time and again. And understandably so. After all, we have not only given our MEISTERSTÜCK an elegant new design, but have also equipped it with numerous new features. Let's take a look together at what the

November 2023

These were the sonoro relaunch events!

At the beginning of the month, we reached an important milestone in our work over the last few years with our new products MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2), MAESTRO Quantum and the complete overhaul of our brand, which we were finally able to present. An achievement that the entire sonoro team is extremely proud of. The first reactions to the pictures and the lists of technical features of our new products were as follows

November 2023

sonoro Happy Friday 2023 - Doing good together

It's here again - Black Friday, with all its tempting discounts and the familiar shopping fever. Numerous retailers and online stores are currently engaged in a veritable discount battle and shopping carts are filled to the brim. Does this also apply to sonoro? Not quite. In keeping with our tried and tested tradition, we would like to set a small counterpoint this year with our Happy Friday and

November 2023

We celebrate the next generation of our audio systems

Audio systems that not only sound breathtaking, but also look it. What began over 15 years ago with a vision and an overnight success at IFA is being taken to the next level today. With the MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen. 2) and the MAESTRO Quantum , we have completely renewed the flagships of our range. In addition to a new iconic design, revised intuitive operation

September 2023

What are the benefits of Spotify Connect?

What are the advantages for me of listening to Spotify Connect or other streaming services directly via the audio system? This is a question that our customers are asking us more and more frequently. After all, music can also be streamed to most current audio systems via Bluetooth. Let's take a look at why we think native streaming directly from the audio system is a good idea, using Spotify Connect as an example.

July 2023

Triple award - sonoro wins Red Dot Design Awards

With our philosophy GERMAN AUDIO AND DESIGN , we stand for the combination of design and high-quality audio, combined with simple and accessible operation. With this claim, we regularly put ourselves to the test. Including the renowned "Red Dot Award" design prize. Quite successfully. With our ORCHESTRA (Gen. 2) hi-fi loudspeakers, ORCHESTRA SLIM and the OSKAR TV voice amplifier, we were able to win the Red Dot Award.

April 2023

sonoro at the High End 2023 in Munich

Great people, exciting conversations, lots of inspiration - we were able to experience all of this last year at the High End trade fair in Munich. After a long absence, we threw ourselves into the hustle and bustle of the trade fair with a completely new appearance and concept...a fantastic experience and a complete success. High End 2023: sonoro is part of it That's why we are very much looking forward to being

January 2023

Connect speakers via cable

Anyone who buys good new speakers such as our GRAND ORCHESTRA, ORCHESTRA (Gen.2) or ORCHESTRA SLIM for their hi-fi system inevitably has to ask themselves the following questions: What is the best way to connect my speakers to my receiver? Which cable do I need to connect my speakers? How long and how thick should the speaker cable be? Because the question of cabling is not

November 2022

sonoro Happy Friday 2022 - Simply do good

It's here again... Black Friday with all its discounts and shopping frenzy. Because on Friday, many retailers and online stores will once again be offering discount battles and people will be buying for all they're worth. This also applies to sonoro...or does it? No, because this year, in keeping with tradition, we want to offer a small counterpoint to the discount battles on Friday with our Happy Friday.

November 2022

Set up speakers correctly: The 2.0 or stereo system

How and where do I set up my speakers optimally? Ideally, you should ask yourself this question before you buy your speakers. Even though there is a lot to consider when placing speakers for optimal sound, it is still not rocket science. We have summarized a few tips from our sonoro audio experts for you, which not only apply to our hi-fi receivers, but also to our speakers.

November 2022

Understanding the sound of television as it used to be: with the OSKAR TV sound amplifier

Do you already know OSKAR? The new portable TV voice amplifier from our new faller audio brand? You've probably already experienced it: you or an older family member are annoyed by dialog that is difficult to understand and background noise that is too loud when watching TV. Maybe even family members, friends or neighbors complain about a TV that is always too loud. A problem of the past with OSKAR. Television

November 2022

Iconic design by Dieter Braun and sonoro

Just in time for Christmas, we are delighted to announce an exciting partnership with one of our favorite artists. Together with Dieter Braun, we have created a beautifully designed and limited edition "Dieter Braun Iconic Cover Art Coaster Set" for a special promotion. This set is now available until the end of the year and while stocks last with the purchase of sonoro promotional products from the Roomworld

February 2022

How the PLATINUM and PLATINUM SE differ

What is the difference between the sonoro PLATINUM and the sonoro PLATINUM SE? We and our dealers are asked this question time and again. Understandably so. After all, the differences are not obvious at first glance. Only at second glance do you notice some minor and major differences. Here we will answer the question about the differences between PLATINUM and PLATINUM SE.

November 2021

sonoro Happy Friday: Doing good with every purchase

On Friday, November 26, it's that time again: sonoro is celebrating Happy Friday. Instead of relying on discounts, as many companies do on Black Friday, sonoro is taking a different approach this year and donating ten percent of the profits made on this day in the online store at to two organizations: Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. and Sterntaler

April 2021

Excellent design from sonoro

Today is World Design Day. Could there be a better time to announce the latest addition to our illustrious line-up of award-winning audio systems? It couldn't, which is why we are delighted to congratulate our PRIMUS on winning the Red Dot Design Award 2021 and the Plus X Award. This makes the sonoro PRIMUS one of the winners of the most prestigious

April 2021

How the MEISTERSTÜCK and the PRIMUS differ

What is the difference between the sonoro MEISTERSTÜCK and the sonoro PRIMUS? This is an understandable question, as there are a few other minor and major differences in addition to the obvious ones, such as the size and the lack of a CD drive on the PRIMUS. Here we will answer the question about the differences between MEISTERSTÜCK and PRIMUS. Similarities between MEISTERSTÜCK and PRIMUS Let's start with the similarities between the sonoro PRIMUS

April 2021

How the PRESTIGE and the PRIMUS differ

What is the difference between the sonoro PRESTIGE and the sonoro PRIMUS? Is it just the lack of a CD drive on the PRIMUS or are there other minor and major differences? Here we will answer the question about the differences between PRESTIGE and PRIMUS. Similarities between PRESTIGE and PRIMUS Let's start with the similarities between the sonoro PRIMUS and the sonoro PRESTIGE . Both are

November 2020

Let's make children happy this Christmas season - sonoro Happy Friday 2020

UPDATE 27.11.2020 16:30: Since we are simply overwhelmed by the feedback so far, we are taking the weekend with us and extending the campaign until Sunday 29.11. sonoro makes you happy - that's our mission! And what better time than the upcoming Christmas season to prove it. Bright children's faces instead of discount battles On Friday it's that time again:

November 2020

This is how the MEISTERSTÜCK and the PRESTIGE

What is the difference between the sonoro MEISTERSTÜCK and the sonoro PRESTIGE? We and our dealers are asked this question time and again. Understandably so. After all, the difference in size is what catches the eye at first glance. And even this is difficult to show and recognize online in the pictures. Only at second glance do you see and, above all, hear many

January 2020

Working with music: tips for more productivity

Music at the workplace - useful or rather annoying? Opinions are divided on this. But especially in modern open-plan offices, you see more and more colleagues with headphones and music on their ears. Mostly in order to isolate themselves from ambient noise. We have compiled an overview of when music is a sensible idea in the office or home office and which music is best suited for productive work.

December 2019

Wellness times differently: Relaxation music for dogs

Music can have a relaxing effect and reduce stress. You've probably already felt that firsthand. But did you know that this also applies to dogs? Relaxation music for dogs is a serious topic and there's a good reason for that. Several studies - for example, from the University of Glasgow - have examined the effect of music on dogs and determined which genres our