This is how the PLATINUM and the PLATINUM SE differ

4 February 2022

How do the sonoro PLATINUM and the sonoro PLATINUM SE? This is a question we and our dealers are asked time and again. Understandably so. After all, the differences don't jump out at you at first glance. Only at second glance do you see some smaller and larger differences. Here we will answer the question about the differences between PLATINUM and PLATINUM SE.

Common ground

Let's start with the similarities of the sonoro PLATINUM and the sonoro PLATINUM SE. Both are manual turntables with belt drive, powered by an optically regulated DC motor. They combine the fascination of analogue with the advantages of digital connectivity. With their numerous connection options (high-quality aptx Bluetooth, gold-plated Cinch connections and a USB connection with A/D converter) and the integrated phono preamplifier, they are true wonders of versatility. Whether listening to music wirelessly via headphones, digitising your vinyl collection via USB or integrating it into your own system using the built-in phono preamplifier - the PLATINUM and PLATINUM SE bring vinyl into the modern era.


The most visible difference between the PLATINUM and PLATINUM SE turntables is the platter. Visible because the PLATINUM SE has a cork layer embedded in the turntable instead of a rubber layer to decouple the platter from the turntable. The natural, warm material protects against the propagation of vibrations with its porous structure. At the same time, the platter of the PLATINUM SE, at 1.5 kg, is considerably heavier than the PLATINUM platter, somewhat thicker and additionally resonance-damped from below.

Tonearm and cartridge

While the tonearm of the PLATINUM is balanced and shock-absorbed by a low-friction ball bearing, we have added an additional ball bearing to our PLATINUM SE. This allows the pick-up of the PLATINUM SE to follow the record grooves even better and there are fewer unwanted deviations when playing the records. Both tonearms are height-adjustable.

For our PLATINUM we have included an Ortofon M2 Red cartridge. The PLATINUM SE, on the other hand, has a Nagaoka MP-110.


Both record players have the same dimensions. These are (height/length/width) 12.5 cm/35.6 cm/42 cm. But while the PLATINUM weighs only 3.9 kg, the PLATINUM SE weighs 6.3 kg. Here we see the difference due to the weighted platter and the heavier frame, which makes the PLATINUM SE so resistant to unavoidable and disturbing vibrations. These vibrations are caused, for example, by footstep noise, the sound waves of the speakers in operation or the vibrations of the motor. Put simply, the vibrations interfere with the work of the record needle, as it cannot follow the record groove with the desired stability due to the "jerking". So we try to compensate for these vibrations as much as possible with a stable installation site, the higher weight and good damping as well as storage of the components.


Attentive readers will already have guessed it...the PLATINUM SE can be described as somewhat higher quality than the PLATINUM purely in terms of the components installed. It simply has more optimal mechanical properties. These mainly ensure that unavoidable disturbance factors, such as vibrations, scratches or deviations in the grooves, are compensated for. This makes the listening experience even clearer and more "stable". On the digital side and with the connections, however, they are identical in construction. In our eyes, everything was already perfect here with the PLATINUM.