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It's great that you are so passionate about music and outstanding sound! We at sonoro share your passion.

German Audio and Design

sonoro has been designing and developing high-quality audio systems in Germany since 2006, delighting music lovers all over the world. Our mission: to combine German engineering and design expertise to make people happy and offer them a wonderful piece of quality of life.


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Method, care and heart and soul

Making people happy is a matter of the heart for us. Be it through user-friendly systems, sound reproduction that inspires, or relaxation and wellness content that lets you unwind from everyday stress. In all our thoughts and actions, we put people first. With the quality promise "German Audio & Design" we express how we live our passion for sound and design: with method, attention to detail and a lot of heart and soul.

Our self-image for the highest quality of workmanship, use of innovative technologies and passion for design aesthetics does not go unnoticed by the professional world. sonoro has won many prestigious awards honouring the first-class examples of technology, innovation and design. And we will continue to be driven by our passion to create new, unique music systems.

Best sound and best design

The German seal of quality stands for a multitude of technical innovations, but even more for an uncompromising commitment to quality and functionality. The latter also applies to design. We see ourselves anchored both in German engineering and in the idea and methodology of a functionally based design aesthetic. This is also reflected in our claim that our products are perceived like a listening interior.

The most important reasons for the unique sound are the built-in wooden cabinets, which are carefully sanded by hand. This not only serves the visual appearance, but also benefits an unadulterated, detailed and voluminous sound image. The intelligent arrangement of the high-quality speakers, precisely tuned crossovers and sound processors adjusted down to the smallest detail play an equally important role and are subjected to multiple tests in addition to careful assembly.

Music is life. The great energy around the topic of music has not let go of me and the sonoro team for many years. As music-loving audio developers, we design music systems with which we want to make the wonderful world of sound that little bit more fascinating.
CEO & Founder, sonoro audio GmbH