Spotify Connect

Easily connect your sonoro Smart Line audio device to Spotify thanks to Spotify connect.

Wireless control thanks to Spotify Connect

Use Spotify Connect to connect your sonoro Smart Line device to Spotify via WLAN.

Play your music via your sonoro audio device with Spotify Connect, using the Spotify app as a simple remote control.


First steps

01 Install Spotify App

Install the latest version of the Spotify app on your smartphone, laptop or tablet and log in.

02. Switch on sonoro Smart Line

Switch on your sonoro Smart Line device that supports Spotify.

03 Select WLAN

Connect both your mobile device and your sonoro audio device to the same WLAN.

How do I connect my sonoro audio device to Spotify Connect?

01. start app

Start your Spotify app on your smartphone, laptop or tablet and select a song.

02. connect device

Click on the icon for "Available devices" in the lower left corner to open your device selection.

03. select device

Now select your sonoro audio system to link it with Spotify Connect.

04. enjoy music

Enjoy your music and use your mobile device as a remote control.

Your advantages with Spotify Connect

Save battery

The battery of your mobile phone is conserved because the music is streamed via WLAN.

No interruption

The music transmission is not interrupted even during incoming calls.

Better sound quality

Streaming via WLAN enables a higher data rate and range without audio compression.

High user experience

You have the option to control your music via the regular Spotify app.