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Experience the highest sound quality with numerous functions and timeless design that blends harmoniously into any interior style with our music systems specially developed for the living room.

Sound systems for the living room

In no room does music play a more important and versatile role than in the living room. Everything is possible here: relaxation and celebration, concentrated conversation and exuberant dancing, time for oneself or with friends and family. The demand on a music system in the living room is therefore to offer just as finely balanced and powerful sound for quiet background music as it does for the focused enjoyment of sophisticated pieces, but also as an accompaniment to a carefree celebration. Accordingly, we carefully design our sound systems for the living room.

The specially selected components in the hand-sanded, piano lacquer-finished wooden cabinet bring our sound and design expertise into your home. Enjoy perfect sound in your living room at all times and take advantage of the many music sources our living room speakers offer you. So you can listen to music the way you want - every time.

All living room audio systems at a glance

Enjoy music in the living room with sonoro audio systems


Your living room radio from sonoro

The living room is a very special room in the house. It is often the largest room in terms of area and also has the largest volume. A Hifi system for large rooms from sonoro for your living room can fill this room perfectly with its large sound volume. Most living rooms feature colourful materials such as textiles made of leather, fabric or wool and surfaces such as parquet, marble or glass. An audio system for the living room from sonoro fits these special needs and responds to all the characteristics of this living space through its technically sophisticated fine adjustments.



A living room sound system from sonoro is ideal for all activities in your living room. Whether as simple musical accompaniment while reading or for active listening to your favourite music, our living room radios are ideally suited. Our Bluetooth radios from sonoro are excellent everyday companions for all activities in the living room.


IMPRESSIVE SOUND WITH OUR DAB radios in the living room

With a digital radio with CD player in your living room, you can enjoy music in first-class quality. The sonoro sound systems are characterised by high-quality workmanship and innovative technology, bringing a unique and pleasant sound to your living room. They also have a wide range of functions such as DAB radio, CD player, Bluetooth and Internet connection.



The individual music systems for the living room from sonoro have a simple and classic design, making them suitable for a wide range of interiors. Design radios from sonoro adapt to the atmosphere of your living room. The minimalist and practical design invites use and makes our living room radios convenient to operate.