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Small kitchen radios for great music

It's not for nothing that the best conversations at parties take place in the kitchen. It is the place where we feel at home. It's where we create and enjoy delicacies, where we get together and work away without a care in the world. The possibilities offered by sonoro kitchen radios specially designed for this room - Internet kitchen radios with Bluetooth and remote control - are as varied as our activities in the kitchen.

Do you like to start the day in the morning with a delicious coffee and the latest hits and news? Do you spend a lot of time cooking and baking and use the time to listen to audio books? Or do you like to sit in the kitchen with friends in the afternoon and chat while your favourite music plays in the background? Find out which of our DAB kitchen radios and music systems for the kitchen is tailor-made to meet your needs and enjoy time in your heart of the home.

All kitchen audio systems at a glance

Enjoying music in the kitchen with sonoro audio systems

Inspiration for the kitchen - sonoro audio systems


The kitchen is a place of community: it is where people eat, cook, laugh and sometimes just sit together at the table. A kitchen radio with Bluetooth from sonoro is perfect for this use of space and integrates excellently into the activities of the room.

Inspiration for the kitchen - sonoro audio systems

A BELOW ROOM with space for a small music system for the kitchen

Of course, our music systems for the kitchen are adapted to the conditions of the room. Hard surfaces such as tiles, glass and metal are predominant here. In addition, there are often many objects and furniture in the room, creating many nooks and crannies. Furthermore, the kitchen is characterised by the fact that a lot of activity takes place - it is a busy room. Our developers have taken all these conditions into account and have designed optimal DAB kitchen radios.

Inspiration for the kitchen - sonoro audio systems

PRAGMATIC AND CREATIVE DESIGN in small radios for the kitchen

A kitchen radio must be effective and fit into everyday life. We have realised this with the sonoro music systems for the kitchen and developed radios for the kitchen with WLAN for you, which can be flexibly decorated and used in your kitchen. They are modern and versatile, so they can be placed in many places in your kitchen.

Inspiration for the kitchen - sonoro audio systems

MODERN TECHNICAL DESIGN in the Design Kitchen Radio

Especially in the kitchen, stereo sound is absolutely necessary, as movement and activity often take place here. A design radio for the kitchen from sonoro is developed so that it can be placed in a versatile way and still always fills the room with high-quality and full sounds. In addition, a DAB kitchen radio with remote control and Bluetooth from sonoro offers a wide range of options for playing your favourite music or audio book.