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Start the day refreshed with our music systems or relax in the bathtub. Take time for yourself and enjoy music the way you like it.

Your musical oasis of well-being

Would you like to follow the daily press review on the radio while shaving or relax in the bathtub to classical sounds? Listen to the news while brushing your teeth or sing along to your favourite song at the top of your lungs in the shower? As different as musical preferences are, when it comes to sound, everyone agrees: in the bathroom in particular, the sound has to be right, regardless of the difficult conditions. Frequently tiled, few textiles: the bathroom is a sound challenge for audio developers. Our music system for the bathroom is specially designed to perform at its best in tiled rooms. Whether concentrated listening or exuberant showering pleasure: Enjoy the sound, no matter what you feel like.

Inspiration for your bathroom


First-class sound for your bathroom

A bathroom radio from sonoro brings high-quality sound to your bathroom. The bathroom is the room in the house that is most often used alone. It's where you can find a moment of peace and relax freely. Therefore, equipping this room with a sound system with high-quality sound makes particular sense. A design radio from sonoro for your bathroom harmonises with the characteristics of this special room and fits perfectly into its atmosphere.

Ideally suited to the special surfaces

Not many textiles can be found in the bathroom. Rather, the room consists of cold and hard surfaces such as tiles, ceramics and glass. A digital radio with CD player from sonoro is ideally suited to these conditions. Our developers and technicians have excellently adapted the design radios for the bathroom to the reverberation and hard surfaces, so that the stereo sound is also impressive in this room.

Suitable for your bathroom

A mobile radio from sonoro for your bathroom is aesthetic, comfortable and exceptional. The design of the sound systems is based on the layout and furnishings of a bathroom. The size, surfaces and material are adapted to fit the conditions of bathrooms and fit perfectly into the aesthetics of the room. A bathroom Bluetooth radio from sonoro is a real eye-catcher for your bathroom.

Innovative technology

High-quality technical workmanship is also the top priority for a music system for the bathroom. The name sonoro stands for first-class audio systems with excellent sound. We also implement this principle with our sonoro compact systems especially for your bathroom and ensure sophisticated technology in every room in your own four walls.