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Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room: experience your home in a new way - with sound from sonoro.

Fits into your life: The sonoro room worlds concept

At sonoro, we take a closer look: at you. Where do you listen to music? What are you doing during it? Where do you place your music system? In short: What do you need to be able to enjoy music the way you want in every room? Because: It makes a difference in terms of sound whether a music system is placed in a tiled bathroom or in a cosy bedroom. It makes a difference whether it entertains while cooking or creates a concert atmosphere in a living room. Every room has different requirements in terms of floor space, functions and sound preferences. And it is precisely this detailed work that we are passionate about. With a sonoro music system, you get the complete package of design, function and sound experience that will make you happy in your home.


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Every room sounds different: Perfect sound experience thanks to sonoro

Enjoying sound depends on several factors. One important point is the room in which you listen to music. It makes a big difference if there are many textiles in the room such as soft carpets, lush curtains, fluffy blankets and cushions. These absorb sound, making music sound slightly muffled. Hard surfaces such as marble floors, glass cabinets, tiled walls or large windows, on the other hand, amplify the reverberation. Individual preferences aside, there are more hard surfaces in bathrooms kitchens, for example, than in rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. We use these spatial characteristics as a basis for developing our music systems. Each of our products is carefully designed and preset for the room it is intended for. Of course, you can make changes independently of this. We make sure that our music systems give you full music enjoyment from the first push of a button.

Univers de la maison Living

The living area is usually the largest room in a home. Our products developed for this purpose offer a correspondingly large sound volume. A mix of textiles such as couches, curtains and carpets and hard surfaces such as parquet, marble or glass forms the basis for a differentiated sound image, which our developers take into account when fine-tuning.
Univers de la maison Discover living

Univers de la maison Baden

Apart from towels and bath mats, there are mostly only hard surfaces like tiles, ceramics and glass in a limited space in this room. The inevitable reverberation is the biggest challenge for our developers in this setting. Especially since powerful sound is desired here. The equaliser settings are therefore modified with the greatest care especially for the conditions in the bathroom.
Univers de la maison Discover Baden

Univers de la maison Sleep

The quiet tones determine the general sound conditions in the bedroom. It is here, where the other senses come to rest, that we listen carefully. Clear sound is essential here - and particularly difficult to achieve in a room with pillows, blankets and curtains. Our developers focus on a particularly balanced sound image here, so that you can relax completely.
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Univers de la maison Cooking

Little floor space and a room full of hard surfaces such as tiles, parquet, glass, worktop and kitchen fronts present our developers with a special challenge. The sound must be distributed throughout the room and deliver optimal sound. This is because people like to turn the volume up and down frequently when the system is in use. Our developers have considered this and optimally adjusted all our kitchen music systems.
Univers de la maison Discover cooking

The most important rule

All sonoro music systems have the optimal prerequisites to provide great sound in the respective Univers de la maison . In addition, you can optimise this by positioning the music system in the best possible way. Place it on a stable surface that does not vibrate and place it away from objects that could vibrate, such as glasses and vases. Make sure there is an appropriate distance between the speakers and your ear. Experiment and find the place for your sonoro music system where the sound is perfect for you. Enjoy your music - with sonoro.

To the sonoro audio systems

sonoro room worlds - how your home sounds

Are you looking for a new compact hi-fi system that fits perfectly into your room and delivers maximum sound? At sonoro, we offer you optimum sound packed in a stylish look. With our high-quality hi-fi systems, you can listen to your music in the highest sound quality throughout your home. Depending on the room and its individual requirements, our systems always deliver the ideal sound.

Enthusiasm that can be seen

With a compact music system from sonoro, you can enjoy your favourite music even more intensively. Whether kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom - sonoro offers the ideal music system for every room. For us, the needs of our satisfied customers come first. Our devices are available in different colours - so not only the sound of your sonoro device is convincing, but also its appearance.

More enjoyment in every room

To achieve the maximum sound quality, the characteristics of the stereo system must adapt to the conditions of its environment. These requirements are excellently fulfilled with the sonoro room world system. Whether digital radio with CD player or compact Bluetooth kitchen radio - the devices from sonoro adapt perfectly to the atmosphere of any room and reliably offer phenomenal listening pleasure.

Symbiosis of aesthetics, performance & sound

The name sonoro stands for high-quality audio systems that combine outstanding sound with timelessly beautiful design. All sonoro products are created by German designers and developed by engineers in the company's home town of Neuss. Sophisticated design goes hand in hand with high-quality technology.

High-quality music systems for people and space

DAB radio, CD player, Bluetooth and Internet connection, WLAN linking and much more - sonoros compact systems convince with the functions you are looking for. Depending on the model, these can vary. At sonoro you will find the compact system that really suits you.

Let our first-class design radios convince you!