Filling sleep. Refreshed morning. The LIGHT dimmer module turns your QUBO or LOUNGE audio system into a very special experience.
39 €

✓ 2 years warranty ✓ Test 100 days

Product description

With the innovative light control LIGHT, the QUBO and the LOUNGE enable sunset simulations and thus prepare the body for falling asleep by slowly decreasing the light and the Relax content via the Sleep mode. The body and mind thus come to rest. In the sunrise simulation, the light intensity and selected sound slowly increase at the set wake-up time and promote waking up by stimulating the release of the "wake hormone" cortisol and suppressing the formation of the "night hormone" melatonin. Supplemented by nature sounds, such as birdsong, a pleasant start to the day is achieved.

The sonoroLIGHT dimmer module sets the scene for your home with dynamic lighting moods via a connected lamp, giving you the freedom to choose your lighting medium. Be it a bedside lamp, floor lamp or furniture light. Once wirelessly connected to your sonoro music system, LIGHT can be operated via the music system or conveniently via the remote control of your QUBO or LOUNGE and can also be used comfortably as a night light and mood light.