Understanding TV sound like in the past: With the TV sound amplifier OSKAR

November 14, 2022

Do you already know OSKAR? The new portable TV voice amplifier from our new brand faller audio?

You've probably experienced this: you or an older family member are annoyed by dialogue that is hard to understand and background noise that is too loud when watching TV. Maybe even family members, friends, neighbors complain about a TV that is always too loud. With OSKAR a problem of the past.

Understanding television as it used to be.

OSKAR owners can listen to and enjoy their favorite shows at a volume that won't disturb others. The easy-to-use wireless TV voice amplifier connects to the TV by connecting the base station via an analog or optical audio cable. This way you get the sound of the TV directly to your seat - regardless of the volume of the TV.

The special highlight, however, is the dialog optimization technology developed by sonoro audio in cooperation with international research institutes. An algorithm analyzes the frequency bands in the TV's sound that are important for voices and amplifies them for better understanding of the dialog. At the same time, OSKAR filters out distracting background noise, making speech completely clear and distinct and the TV thus finally understood correctly again.

Our experience through 15 years of developing music systems for sonoro audio has of course significantly helped in the development. Nevertheless, in over two years of intensive development, we sat down with many people who suffer from hearing loss, as well as ENT physicians, international research companies from the field of hearing acoustics and hearing care professionals to develop the best possible product for people with impaired hearing.

Wie does work Oskar?

For the portable TV speech amplifier, we have developed a particularly innovative technology for voice optimization. At the touch of a button, voices and frequency bands important for speech are actively emphasized, while disruptive background noise is dynamically filtered out and minimized. Two full-range loudspeakers and a passive driver ensure the best sound and clear speech reproduction. OSKAR is easily connected to the TV and brings the sound directly to the seat. There are three different levels of voice optimization. It was important to us that OSKAR has a very uncluttered design with only two buttons: an on/off knob that also adjusts the volume and a "voice filter" button that, if desired, optimizes the voices in TV dialogs in three stages and reduces annoying background noise. Thus, one enjoys high-quality sound that is easy to hear and voices that are clear to understand. Additionally, OSKAR offers a headphone jack.

The idea behind OSKAR

The idea to develop OSKAR came from our own concern. The father of our founder, Marcell Faller, was hearing increasingly poorly and had to make more and more effort to understand the TV sound. In particular, he could no longer hear the dialogues properly and quickly became tired due to the strain of listening. The fact that he therefore increased the volume more and more made for thick air at home. It was no longer possible to watch television together in a relaxed manner. His hearing aid, if he wore it at all at home, or other aids such as a sound bar were only of limited use, since they could only make the TV sound louder. However, this did not help him to understand voices clearly. With OSKAR, he solves both problems. If necessary, he can use it to amplify the voice reproduction at the touch of a button, and it brings the sound directly to him on the couch. The volume no longer has to be turned up so high that others feel disturbed, and he can even have a conversation on the side.

Curious about the TV voice amplifier OSKAR become?

At faller-audio.com you will find all information about "our" OSKAR. If you would like to get an idea of its qualities yourself, please ask your hearing care professional or electronics dealer of your choice. They will surely let you listen to it.