Music and light control as a sleep aid

7 May 2021

Relaxation begins in the mind. Everyday stress can be reduced by spending just a few minutes a day on relaxation techniques or mindfulness exercises. For example, with soothing music or a mental walk through nature. But one of the most important factors for one's own well-being is sufficient and good sleep. People in Germany sleep just over 8 hours per night on average. At the same time, however, many people have problems falling asleep. Here you can and should think about a sleep aid.

Why is healthy sleep so important?

Body and mind recover during sleep: During the nightly regeneration phase, the cells renew themselves, the metabolism and the immune system regulate themselves and the brain processes all the information of the day. There are 3 phases of sleep: Light sleep, deep sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases. Whether we feel refreshed in the morning or like we are exhausted is usually determined by the phase in which we wake up and how we wake up. If we are awakened in the deep sleep phase, we feel tired and exhausted, even if we have had enough sleep. If we wake up within the REM phase, we feel refreshed, even with fewer hours of sleep. A complete cycle, going through all phases, lasts on average 90 minutes. So waking up properly and relaxed is almost as important as falling asleep well.

The QUBO design radio and the LIGHT dimmer module from sonoro...the perfect sleeping aid.
Restful sleep with sonoro

But how do you get a good night's sleep? What helps if you have trouble falling asleep or if you lie awake at night? Some audio systems from sonoro, such as the RELAX or the QUBO, offer pre-installed relaxation content such as nature sounds, relaxation music, guided meditations, short relaxation sessions or fantasy journeys. These help to calm down and serve as an aid to falling asleep. Pleasant lighting conditions also have a calming effect. So that the eyes are not dazzled when looking at the time at night, our music systems from Roomworld Sleep have an automatically dimmable display that adjusts to the lighting conditions. In addition, with the sonoro LIGHT, we have a light control system that not only creates an atmospheric ambience in the room, but can also actively support your sleeping and waking rhythms - especially in the case of sleep disorders and lack of sleep during the dark winter months:

Fall asleep relaxed, wake up relaxed

When falling asleep and waking up, we want to create optimal conditions. The sonoro LIGHT light control in combination with the QUBO design radio creates an evening routine and prepares your body for falling asleep. Using the sleep mode on the QUBO, the light and volume of the relaxation content slowly decrease. Body and mind come to rest. The perfect aid to falling asleep. With the sunrise simulation, the light intensity and selected sound slowly increase at the set wake-up time. This promotes waking up by stimulating the release of the "wakefulness hormone" cortisol and suppressing the formation of the "night hormone" melatonin. Supplemented by nature sounds such as birdsong, a pleasant start to the day is achieved.

You are completely free to choose the lighting medium for the LIGHT dimmer module. Whether bedside or floor lamp - once wirelessly connected to Idem QUBO, LIGHT can be operated via the music system or conveniently via the remote control. Perfect also as a night and mood light.

As part of the sonoro spring promotion 2021, you can get a LIGHT dimmer module (worth 39 euros RRP) for FREE with the purchase of a sonoro QUBO music system! While stocks last.