The best football podcasts: recommendation by the sonoro team

10 June 2021

Podcasts are currently on everyone's lips...or rather ears. No wonder. They offer the opportunity to listen to exciting or complex topics in depth and yet virtually along the way. This makes them a pleasant contrast to the many superficial snippets of information we are confronted with every day. The best thing about it: podcast episodes can be downloaded and listened to, for example, on the train on the way to work, comfortably at home on the couch or "to fall asleep" in bed.

Our best football podcasts

So now, in keeping with the European Championship, podcasts on the subject of football will certainly be booming. As a nation of about 80 million Bundes (league) coaches, there is little Germany enjoys more than discussing what is happening on and off the pitch. Since this discussion can be quite exhausting, especially with the pace of a European Championship, we have compiled an unsorted overview of what we consider to be the best podcasts on the topic of football in Germany, true to the motto "Don't do it, let it be done".

Football MML

Micky Beisenherz, Maik Nöcker and Lukas Vogelsang...these are the three self-proclaimed podcast poets behind this football podcast. And if you know the three of them, you can guess that they probably don't offer the most in-depth analyses, but they are guaranteed to be the most entertaining.

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Jersey exchange

For decades, football has not only produced legendary players, but also legendary jerseys. Sometimes legendarily beautiful, often legendarily ugly. Way out in front in the latter category: goalkeeper jerseys of the 90s...yes we mean you, Uwe Kamps and Jörg Schmadtke. Since there are a few Gladbach and Fortuna fans in our team, we have a special connection to the subject of jerseys. Accordingly, we like to recommend the football podcast Trikotaustausch. Because here everything revolves around the players' shirts. Football discussed from a different angle.

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If there's one thing the guys from Rocketbeans know how to do, it's talk, talk, talk. Perfect conditions for their own podcast. And since they are not only fanatical gamers but also fanatical football fans, they have their own football podcast on the programme with Bohndesliga. Here, the hosts Nils Bomhoff and Etienne Gardé regularly discuss current football events together with the expert Tobias Escher from

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Collina's Heirs

Let's not fool ourselves. Referee (mis)decisions are just as important for football as spectacular actions. Despite video assistants, there is little more fun to discuss and argue about than a missed penalty or a close call for offside. This is where "Collina's Heirs" comes in. The podcast discusses current football events from the referees' perspective. And it's really good, factual and entertaining. Even listeners with less affinity for the rules will get their money's worth.

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