What are the benefits of Spotify Connect?

September 2023

What are the advantages for me of listening to Spotify Connect or other streaming services directly via the audio system? This is a question that our customers are asking us more and more frequently. After all, music can also be streamed to most current audio systems via Bluetooth. Let's take a look at why we think native streaming directly from the audio system is a good idea, using Spotify Connect as an example.

Spotify Connect with many advantages

Using Spotify Connect and other streaming services such as Amazon Music, TIDAL, Qobuz, Napster and Deezer directly on the audio system has many advantages. Unlike when using Bluetooth, you don't need a smartphone to listen to music. The music is not streamed to the sonoro system via Bluetooth, but retrieved directly from WiFi .

Spotify Connect at sonoro offers better audio quality without audio compression

The sound quality is generally much better. This is because with the premium version of Spotify Connect, the Stream comes directly to the audio system from the Internet at a bit rate of up to 320 kbit/s via WiFi . This means you don't have to rely on the smartphone's Bluetooth connection, which is often not quite optimal in terms of sound quality.

The smartphone as a remote control

The smartphone only serves as a remote control for the music service, for example to start a playlist or skip a song. So there is no interruption for incoming calls or messages. You can use the smartphone elsewhere or even turn it off without interrupting the music. Thus, together with the above points, you use less of the smartphone's battery. Very practical, in our opinion.

Streaming via WiFi enables a greater reach

Since the smartphone is no longer the source of the music, you are no longer limited by the range of the Bluetooth connection when using Spotify Connect. The smartphone doesn't have to be within constant range of the audio system and can be taken to the other end of the apartment or house without worry. Your favorite songs will continue to play uninterrupted.

Seamless control with Spotify Connect

You can seamlessly transfer playback of your music between different devices without interrupting the music that is playing. For example, from a smartphone to a laptop without pausing or restarting the music.

In summary, Spotify Connect and co. offer a convenient and high-quality way to play and control your own music on various devices without compromising on sound quality.