Wellness times differently: Relaxation music for dogs

December 2019

Music can have a relaxing effect and reduce stress. You've probably already felt that firsthand. But did you know that this also applies to dogs? Relaxation music for dogs is a serious topic and there is a good reason for that.

Several studies - for example, from the University of Glasgow - have examined the effect of music on dogs and determined which genres our four-legged friends like. The stress level and heartbeat of the animals were measured: Some dogs were played no music, others different genres of music. The results showed that dogs relax particularly well to reggae, soft rock and classical music. Heavy metal, on the other hand, does not seem to be a good choice for cold muzzles, as less positive effects were achieved here.

Relaxing music for dogs: what you should consider

Rhythmic sounds in general or audio books can also have a calming effect and get young dogs used to being alone. When playing music, you should always make sure that your four-legged friend can leave the room at any time and do not turn up the volume too loud - because dogs have more sensitive ears than masters or mistresses. This means they hear music and other sounds much more intensively than humans.

Meanwhile, there are more and more audio books, CDs and even streaming playlists specifically for dogs. The most important thing seems to be variety, because over time the stress-reducing effect of listening to one and the same tune wears off.

Our music recommendations for four-legged friends

Curious now? We've collected four popular sources of dog music for you to check out:

Try it out and observe your dog's reaction. Who knows: Maybe you and your faithful companion even have a similar taste in music?