How the PRESTIGE and the PRIMUS differ

April 2021

What is the difference between the sonoro PRESTIGE and the sonoro PRIMUS? Is it just the lack of a CD drive on the PRIMUS or are there other minor and major differences? Here we will answer the question about the differences between PRESTIGE and PRIMUS.

Similarities PRESTIGE and PRIMUS

Let's start with the similarities between the sonoro PRIMUS and the sonoro PRESTIGE . Both are prestigious audio systems that offer excellent sound, are the same size and have the same design with their lacquered wooden housing. They are internet-enabled and, in addition to FM and DAB radio, can also use internet radio and the most popular streaming services as music sources. With their many music sources and connections (FM, Internet and DAB radio, CD player (only PRESTIGE), streaming services, Bluetooth, Aux-In and many more), PRIMUS and PRESTIGE are true all-purpose audio systems.

CD player

The most important difference between PRIMUS and PRESTIGE is the CD drive. In our PRIMUS, we have deliberately dispensed with a CD player and used the newly gained space for other features.

Direct selection buttons

With its many music sources and connections (FM, Internet and DAB radio, streaming services, Bluetooth, aux-in and many more), our PRIMUS is a true all-purpose audio system. To make it easy to access your favorite music sources from this large selection, there are haptic direct selection buttons on the front that can be used to quickly select your favorite.


PRIMUS and PRESTIGE also differ in terms of sound. Both have coaxial speakers and a subwoofer. The latter is slightly larger in the PRIMUS than in the PRESTIGE. The PRIMUS and PRESTIGE therefore have a slightly different sound.

We recommend both appliances for rooms up to 25 square meters.

These were the most important differences between our PRESTIGE and the PRIMUS simply explained. Both enrich the living room with powerful and balanced sound. Deciding between the two devices therefore very much depends on your own preferences and how you are likely to use them. Do I need a CD player or do I want to focus entirely on streaming? Am I a fan of stronger bass? It's best to take a look and listen for yourself and compare. Use our dealer search to find a dealer near you. More information about the PRESTIGE or PRIMUS can be found on our website.