This is how the MEISTERSTÜCK and the PRESTIGE

November 2020

What is the difference between the sonoro MEISTERSTÜCK and the sonoro PRESTIGE? We and our dealers are asked this question time and again. Understandably so. After all, the difference in size is what catches the eye at first glance. And even this is difficult to show and recognize online in the pictures. Only at second glance do you see and, above all, hear many smaller and larger differences. Here we will answer the question about the differences between PRESTIGE and MEISTERSTÜCK .


Let's start with the similarities between the sonoro PRESTIGE and the sonoro MEISTERSTÜCK . Both offer excellent sound and have a wooden housing finished with lacquer. They are internet-enabled and, in addition to FM, DAB radio and a CD player, they also have the option of using internet radio, Bluetooth and the most popular streaming services as music sources.


The most important difference between PRESTIGE and MEISTERSTÜCK is the sound. For example, our MEISTERSTÜCK has a larger body, a larger subwoofer and a lower-flow bass reflex tube. While the PRESTIGE uses coaxial speakers, the MEISTERSTÜCK has separate midrange and tweeter drivers. All these technical differences make for a different sound image.

It can be said that the MEISTERSTÜCK has more volume and power, which is why we recommend it for larger rooms of approx. 25 - 35 square meters, while the PRESTIGE is absolutely sufficient for rooms up to 25 square meters.


There are also smaller convenience functions that distinguish MEISTERSTÜCK and PRESTIGE from one another.

  • Alarm clock function: Strictly speaking, this is PRESTIGE our most luxurious clock radio. It has an alarm function that can wake you up via the various radio stations (FM, Internet and DAB radio). Perfect for a short nap on the couch.
  • Quick access buttons: With its many music sources and connections (FM, Internet and DAB radio, CD player, streaming services, Bluetooth, aux-in and many more), our MEISTERSTÜCK is a true all-purpose audio system. To make it easy to access the most popular and important music sources from this large selection, our MEISTERSTÜCK has a quick access bar with haptic buttons on the front, which can be used to select your own favorites simply and easily.


Let's start with the most obvious difference. The size and weight. The MEISTERSTÜCK is larger and heavier than the PRESTIGE. The dimensions (height/length/width) of the MEISTERSTÜCK are 16.5 cm/26.2 cm/57 cm and it weighs approx. 9 kg. The PRESTIGE , on the other hand, weighs approx. 7 kg with dimensions of 15.3 cm/25.8 cm/45 cm.

Conclusion we have summarized and simply explained the most important differences between our MEISTERSTÜCK and the PRESTIGE . We hope that it has come across that there is no better or worse here. Both are great audio systems with very good sound. Your own preferences, room size or available space determine the choice here